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 For most of us, being in a hotel room is a relaxing thing. We let go of our inhibitions, we place our trust in the hotel authorities, and we take less care of ourselves than we normally do. Our guards come down. We assume that everything is ‘all right’.
 But you may be more vulnerable at a hotel than at any other place. Think about it: you’re surrounded by people you don’t know, in a room that you haven’t checked or cleaned, and are being served by strange – albeit friendly-looking – men and women.
 So we have a list of pointers for you to take care of when you next check into a hotel.
Peep through the hole
A peephole should offer you a clear view of the outside if you look through it. If it’s cloudy or if it appears obstructed, there is a chance that it has been tampered with. And a tampered peephole may an indication of a peephole camera: a reverse lens that allows someone from the outside to see what’s happening inside the room. To be on the safe side, plug the peephole with a piece of paper and remove it only when necessary.
Think twice before you use vessels
Glasses and other cutlery that the hotel provides may look clean to the eye, but they’re likely teeming with bacteria and other impurities. Who knows how the previous guests had used them? Hotel staff typically doesn’t clean these glasses with anything but a wet cloth or perhaps a rinse with clean water. If you’re staying in a room, make sure you wash all glasses and vessels with soap water.
Beware of the TV remote
The most contaminated object of the room is likely to be the television remote, handled by many people but cleaned by none. So you may want to carry your own set of antibacterial wipes or sprays so that you can clean your remote before using it. Another contaminated object that may raise eyebrows is the bedroom lamp switch, which is once again touched by just about every guest but almost never cleaned by hotel staff.

Damien Peters

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