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Testosterone is the magic hormone for most men. It helps build muscle, burn fat, improve endurance and increase sex drive. Levels of testosterone tend to drop off after you turn thirty, though, so if you’re looking to maintain your T-levels consciously, here are four things that you can do.
1. Lift Weights
There is nothing like physical work on the muscles to increase testosterone levels. Levels are at their highest 48 hours after lifting weights. The harder you train, the more you will increase your natural testosterone levels. Base your training around compound exercises such as squats, bench presses and seated rows using heavy weights.
2. Eat eggs
Eggs improve levels of healthy HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol, an important building block needed for your body to manufacture testosterone. They are also loaded with protein and have plenty of testosterone-boosting zinc. So eat two eggs every day for your daily protein and testosterone fix.
3. Get some sun
Exposing the skin to sunlight for just 15-20 minutes can raise your testosterone levels by 120%, says a report from Boston State Hospital in the US. The research also found that the hormone increased by a whopping 200% when genital skin was exposed to the sun. It’s better if you stick to the privacy of your garden when you do this, though, or at least make sure the beach allows nudists.
4. Don’t booze
Numerous studies have shown that alcohol consumption reduces testosterone levels for up to 24 hours. So go easy on the bottle if you want to keep your T-levels up.

Harshit Sinha

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