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‘Some people go on holiday to relax, but others like to combine their vacations with physical activities such as running. If you belong to the latter group, here is a list of places you just cannot miss.’
Running is the best form of exercise. How about if you can combine your love for travel with running, so that you can both get the experience of visiting a great place and also exercise your body and mind at the same time? That way both your heart and your mind will thank you. Forget about tour buses and hassles with reservations and stuff; get on your feet, strap on your running shoes, and get going in these following locations. Get those thighs pumping and that heart rate racing.
1. Mount Tamalpais, California
The Golden Gate Bridge is the more popular running track in San Francisco, and it’s nice, but why stop after running across the bridge? Head further up north up Mount Tamalpais, where you can rise up above the clouds and take in the clear mountain air in all its glory. If you time your run right, you can even catch a heavenly glimpse of the rising sun. Is there a better way to start the day? We think not.
2. Mount Kosciuszko, Australia
In order to run up this mountain, you should already have been a running veteran, who has run a lot on plains and roads. This is not for beginners. But if running is in your blood, and if you’re looking for a challenge beyond road races, start looking up the mountains. Mount Kosciuszko in Australia is just the ticket for you. There is a Summit 2 Sydney quest that begins on the mountain and ends 600 kilometres later, in the heart of Sydney. In order to prep for this multi-day challenge, make sure you do a lot of training with weights on your back, because you will be carrying all your stuff yourself on the mountain.
3. Dolomites, Northern Italy
If you’re looking for good quality hill training, then don’t look past this mountain range, which has steep rises and deep descents that open into lush green valleys. It could be an enjoyable experience, but only if you’ve trained correctly for it. Run up a steep incline and jog back down to recover. Repeat several times, and then switch methods by jogging up and running down. This will help you replicate the terrain of Dolomites, and keep your legs nice and strong for the challenge.
4. Death Valley National Park, California
This is the venue of the Badwater Ultramarathon, where runners congregate every year to test themselves out against the hottest desert on the planet. Temperatures once soared to 134.6 degrees, so make sure you have plenty of fluids and salts strapped to your back before you begin. If you run light, you may not even make it to the finish line. But then, once you make it there, you can flash the title of the ‘Death Valley Badass’ with pride, and a touch of arrogance. You will have earned it.
5. Atacama Desert, South America
Did you know that some areas of the Atacama Desert have never seen a drop of rain? Yes, that’s right. Never. Keeping gum and cough drops on hand will ensure that your mouth doesn’t dry up, and take small, frequent drinks from your bottle to conserve the limited amount of liquid available. The reward? You will get to see in person what few people ever do in their lives – a completely barren Earth which has never been touched by water. Straight out of science fiction movies.

Himanshu Yadav

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