Dogs and cats are the two animals that most of us ever think of when we want to keep a pet. But there are any number of options to choose from, and in this article, we list five not-so-common pets that can make additions to your family no matter where you are. Read on to find out more.

When we say the word ‘pet’, what comes to your mind? A dog or a cat, right? That’s fair enough, because for many of us dogs and cats are the only options when it comes to keeping pets. And why not? Dogs are after all called man’s best friends, and cats are perhaps the most Instagrammed animals on the planet for their cuteness and their absolute class.

But – but – but – what if we told you that you could keep other pets, too? Here is a list that you could consider if you want to look beyond cats and dogs.

1. Fish
Fish are great for people who don’t want to spend too much time or effort in keeping a pet. Apart from dropping feed into the bowl once a day and cleaning out the water once a week or so, you have nothing to do except watch and admire them flitting about in the aquarium. If you get a decent-sized aquarium with an air pump attached, you can fill it with up to a dozen fish that can live harmoniously. Just make sure that you don’t throw in incompatible fish together because they can fight and die.

2. Rabbits
Rabbits are just great if you have a decent-sized lawn or backyard. Just let them out free and watch them twitch and ferret about. They play, they forage, and they form great bonds with human beings, especially kids. They’re bundles of joy, always hopping about, wanting to be cuddled, and they don’t make any noise. They’re also self-cleaning like cats and they don’t smell. Most rabbits form great house companions. Don’t be surprised if yours insists on following you around the house.

3. Hamsters
These are nocturnal animals that are great substitutes for pet mice or rats. They’re easy to look after, and they’re cheap too. They may look too tiny to have a brain, but they can recognize their master. Furry, adorable, cute, and mostly quiet, getting hamster might just be the right thing for you if you’re looking for a nice, easy pet.

4. Birds
Recommended only if you have enough space to keep a few cages, like a balcony or a sun deck. Get two of each to watch them get social, and also get a few different varieties so that you can play with them according to your mood. Alternatively, you can maintain a garden and invite birds to come there by smattering food grains about. Once you’ve made it a habit, they will come on their own. That way, you won’t even have the guilt that you’re caging them.

5. Turtles
Yes, we said turtles. These are probably the only pets that will outlive their masters. They’re an endangered species, so you will be doing the environment some good by taking care of one of them. Easy to take care of and cheap to maintain, but they will need a water tank or something similar to hold them. They may get startled by you and retreat into their shell in the beginning, but they will get used to you soon and turn into loving creatures.

Ankit Gupta

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