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The wedding day is the most memorable day for many of us, and the wedding album is something that is cherished throughout our lives, which many of us even show off to our grandchildren. So it makes sense to put in some effort to ensure that you get the best wedding photos out. This article tells you how.

The wedding album is perhaps the most important physical evidence of the happenings of the big day. While we don’t disagree that the intangible markers of what makes a marriage are more important – like the equation you share with your spouse, the memories you build with him together – it bears remembering that while memories cannot be shared in the strictest sense, photographs can be, and often are!

So it’s important that you get the best photographs you can for your wedding. Here are a few tips that will help you assemble a wedding album that you will be proud of even years from now.

1. Get to know your photographer
The equation you share with your photographer is perhaps the single biggest factor in how your pictures turn out. You don’t want someone you’re not comfortable with because it will show in your smile. Arrange a pre-wedding or a rehearsal photo shoot in which you and the photographer can bond as people. It’s important you are both comfortable with each other’s needs and demands so that there are no surprises on the big day.

2. Introduce your photographer to the main family members
There shouldn’t be a situation at your wedding where the photographer does not know who your parents are or who your spouse’s sister is. This may result in him missing some of the big moments of the wedding like the vidaai. Also, if he knows the close family members, it will allow him to take some candid shots of your loved ones as well that you will cherish over the next many years.

3. Make a list of specific shots that you want
These days, finding ideas for a wedding shoot is a breeze. Just jump on the internet and you get ideas from the world over for what kind of shots you want. With this, a little planning goes a long way. Make a list of all shots that you’d like to have and give them to your photographer beforehand so that you can discuss them with him. He may be able to give you some creative twists on some old classics.

4. Go easy on the makeup
Though the temptation is there to look your absolute best and stand out in your wedding, resist the urge to go heavy on the makeup. Allow your natural beauty and the occasion itself to put you in the limelight. Choose your garments, jewellery and makeup well. Sometimes, less is more. Like with your photographer, have a few sessions with your makeup artist in advance so that the both of you can get to know each other. That chemistry will hold you in good stead on the day of your wedding.

5. Use good quality cosmetics
Your wedding day will be a roller coaster of emotions, which means that you can well up and shed tears spontaneously at various times during the day. This means that if you use cheaper quality cosmetics, you may end up with heavily stained cheeks and eyes. To avoid this, splurge a little and use good quality, moisture-resistant cosmetics that will keep your face look fresh and beautiful throughout the day.

Himanshu Yadav

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