‘High heels are a great fashion statement, but if not worn well, they can affect the wearer’s health. We give you five easy tips to carry off high heels with style and panache.’
All of us like high heels. Women like to wear them. Men like to look at women walking around in them. They make your legs look longer, pull your height up by a couple of inches, make your body look slimmer, your butt firmer…the positives are endless.
But of course, everything comes at a price. The price here for that awesome slim look is that your feet could hurt. Your lower back muscles could come under undue strain because of that uncomfortable posture you have to get into in order to carry off the look. So today we’re giving you a list of easy things that you can implement in order to pull off high heels with aplomb.
1. Buy the right size
This sounds obvious, not just with heels but also with shoes of all kinds, but we all know how we neglect to do the obvious sometimes. Be sure to leave a thumb’s width gap between your big toe and the front of the shoe when you wear it. Since when wearing heels your toes are pointing downward, it may mean that you will need to go up one size higher in order to get a snug fit. Also, don’t go too loose because then your feet will move inside the shoe and it will be uncomfortable.
2. Don’t buy pointy shoes
Pointy shoes may look good to some, but they cause damage to your big toe by scrunching it inward and pressing all your toes together. Try standing for a minute or two with your toes climbing on one another you will see what we mean. To avoid this, buy rounded shoes that leave enough wriggle room for all your toes.
3. Buy the right height
Yes, the higher the heel, the better the look, but also keep in mind that as you go higher and higher, your body has to contort itself into more uncomfortable angles just to keep you standing. One or two inches is good for comfort and foot health. Once you start wearing four-inch heels as a habit, you could be looking at lower back and foot problems that will give you a lot of lasting pain.
4. Buy the right width
Sometimes, even with a round shoe, you may find that your foot doesn’t fit properly. This is because shoes come in different widths. If you have wider feet, even medium-width shoes will feel uncomfortable. Don’t go by ‘industry standards’ and only choose shoes that are wide enough for your feet. Remember: comfort comes before beauty.
5. Add your own cushions
None of the high heels that are available in the market have adequate cushioning for the balls of your foot, which is where most of the pressure is transferred. So after you make your shoe purchase, make sure you buy an insert that provides you extra cushioning for more comfort. That way, you will never grimace when wearing high heels again.

Sheena Dawn

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