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Good hair is among the most important things for any beauty-conscious person. Healthy hair is also good sign that the rest of your health is in tip top shape. But since we struggle to keep our hair healthy and glowing, in this piece we give you a list of dietary nutrients that are required to keep your hair strong and beautiful.

While gorgeous, voluminous hair is easily in the top three of any woman’s wish list, achieving it can be quite a task. There are lots of salon treatments available to protect your hair from damage, and there are a lot of demands as well on your time if you have to take good care of your hair.

Genetics play an important role in the kind of hair you get, but that doesn’t mean that you have to throw up your hands and give up. Diet plays an important role in hair health, and here are a few nutrients you can add to your daily eating habits in order to give your hair the best chance.

  1. Vitamin A:
    Vitamin A plays an important role in cell growth, and it also enhances the ability of your scalp to produce natural oils, thus keeping your hair nice and healthy. Vitamin A also contains antioxidants that moisturises the scalp and prevents the hair from drying out. It therefore helps in strengthening and thickening your hair.
    Sweet potatoes, carrots, liver, egg yolk, milk and spinach are some of the foods rich in Vitamin A. Add these to your diet.
  1. Biotin (or Vitamin B71)
    Biotin is called the hair growth vitamin because it repairs brittle hair and improves its health and texture. It is also known to work wonders on hair volume. Biotin is also a vitamin that works well in collaboration with amino acids and fats. It increases the growth rate of your hair, it makes it thicker, and it also strengthens it.
    Some of the foods rich in biotin are mushrooms, avocadoes, peanut butter, yeast, cauliflower, raspberries and bananas.
  1. Iron
    Iron increases the tensile strength of your hair shaft and promotes hair growth. Without the required amount of iron, your hair can become thin, dull and dry. Iron facilitates oxygen transfer to the cells, allowing them to work at their maximum potential.
    Lots of red meat, poultry, eggs, spinach, raisins and apricots in your diet will ensure that you have enough iron for your hair.
  1. Vitamin C
    If you’re struggling with premature greying in your hair, then Vitamin C is your nutrient of choice. It is not only a hair growth vitamin but it can also treat hair dryness efficiently. This is because it plays a role in the production of collagen, a protein vital for growth and thickness of hair. Daily intake of Vitamin C – either through food or through supplements – is likely to help your hair maintain its health. Fruits like lemon, guava, mandarin, strawberries and grapefruit are good sources of Vitamin C.
  1. Magnesium
    Many studies have shown that magnesium deficiency can cause abnormal hair growth. Magnesium helps in keeping your hair follicles healthy, which in turn results in healthy hair. Nuts, salmon, seeds and wild rice are all great sources of Magnesium.

Daisy Akhtar

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