We all know that the most fun part of wedding planning is honeymoon planning. In this article, we try to make the decisions easy for you by giving you a bunch of romantic ideas for all sensibilities and budgets. Let us make your decision just that little bit easier!
So you’ve said ‘yes’ to the big question, and now it’s time to plan for that most fun part of wedding preparations: the honeymoon! Honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes and types, but all of them have one thing in common: they’re romantic. In this list, we give you the most romantic places in the world so that you can begin your marriage in high spirits.
1. The Galapagos
If you’re an adventurous couple, exploring the Galapagos is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Give it the luxury touch with Sanctuary Retreats boutique-style cruises. Once you board luxury yacht with cabins and balconies, you will be well looked after. They have on-board guides, shore excursions, sea kayaking and snorkelling at the push of a button or a short call away. The sundeck is large and spacious, on which you can stand and spot dolphins. They have Jacuzzis, open-air bars and an alfresco dining area where you can dine and sup under the stars.
2. Mama Shelter, Paris
From the luxurious to the chic and cheap, you can head to Paris and put up at Mama Shelter. Phillippe Stark, the owner, describes his hotel as a place ‘for people who love each other’, and how appropriate that description is. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the modern amenities: every room has an iMac and a television, free WiFi, a microwave and a mini-bar. There are hammocks on the rooftop, card-games, ping pong, and a place for picnics. You can rent a scooter and explore the city of love too, at just 72 pounds a night.
3. Song Saa, the exotic island
Cambodia has an untouched, pristine archipelago called Koh Rong, which make up the dreamiest, most private island honeymoon retreat on Earth. There is a lot of luxury over water here, with villas being built of driftwood and other sustainable materials giving you that earthy, watery feel. In addition to kayaking and snorkelling, you will get your own infinity-edge swimming pool, side-by-side spa treatments, walks along the shore, and yoga classes. Accommodation is available in a private jungle villa as well.
4. Cappele Cottage, Wales
The Welsh countryside offers the privacy and quiet that you need to snuggle up to your loved one. Get ready for a lot of time together as you take a walk in the hills, only to return to an inviting bath for two, and a candle-lit dinner and large, shareable blankets in front of an open fire. Cappele Cottage in Snowdonia will mix the rustic with the contemporary, and will give you the authentic Welsh experience that you will remember for the rest of your lives.
5. Grace Santorini, Greece
Set high above Santorini’s Caldera, a honeymoon here will make sure that you enjoy stunning Aegean sunsets over the Cyclades from your own terrace or private plunge pool. Bedrooms are stylish and sexy, with tastefully chosen white decor contrasting with the azure blue of the scenery outside. You can swim in the infinity pool and share cocktails with each other. Indulge one another with champagne breakfasts and moonlit dinners.
6. Island hopping in Mozambique
Head to the coast of Mozambique and add an exotic African tinge to the proceedings with hideaway hotels, traditional sailing dhows, sand dune camping, seafood, safaris and all the other nice stuff. Stay at the Ibo Island Lodge, where there are nine houses in three great historic mansions dating back over a 100 years.

Himanshu Yadav

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