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Bizarre Beauty Products from Japan

It is said beauty is in the eye of the beholder but that does not deter people from indulging in insane amounts of beauty products and treatments just to make them feel better about themselves. In the land of the geishas where physical appearance is of utmost importance, come some amazingly new concepts for enhancing one’s visual appeal. These products are unique to the rest of the world but may soon catch on everywhere as the need to look good is something that crosses all borders and is present in all countries of the world.

Odour Eliminating Deodorant Underwear

First of such bizarre productsthat deserves to be mentioned in this list is Women’s Odour Eliminating Deodorant Underwear. Creators of this product claim that the underwear has the technology to kill 95% of all gas, sweat and unwanted body odour. It is available in basic designs and colours keeping the mass consumer in mind.
What is also interesting to note is that the effectiveness of this underwear lasts even after washing them a hundred times. With an amazing shelf life for a product like this, it’s sure to interest a lot of women. One can just put it on and feel fresh throughout the day. This might just become a revolution in underwear design.

Face Slimmer Exercise Mouth Piece

Second in this list of bizarre beauty products from Japan is the Face Slimmer Exercise Mouth Piece. This weird looking plastic mouth piece which resembles the shape of our lips is designed to be fit in the mouth and used for exercising the face. The idea behind the product is to get rid of sagging facial skin by tightening and exercising the mouth. The makers claim that a minimum use of this device for 3 minutes in the day is good enough for a firm face. It will remove wrinkles and lines especially around the mouth region to give you a younger looking and healthier face.

Beauty Lift High Nose

For all those who always wanted a symmetrical face with a perfect nose and side profile, this product comes as a boon. A handy plastic device, it is shaped like a cover for the nose with pressure points that help in correctly contouring the nose by providing small amounts of pressure continuously on it till the time you have it on. Just put it on once and let it work the magic leaving your hands free for other tasks. By pushing the nose for a certain period of time with this machine, your nose will automatically take the high and sharp shape you always wanted it to be.
Clearly the Japanese have taken beauty products to the next level by designing such specific items for some of our basic beauty and health needs. There seems to be no dearth of creativity in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Sumit Panwar

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