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9 Best Mobile Apps for Business Travellers

 9 Best Mobile Apps for Business Travellers


This is probably the best app for Business Travellers as it helps you find hotels near your meeting place.Hipmunk’s flight search is simple as it shows options for travel dates, origin and destination along with the class you want to travel in.A “heat map” features the spots close to restaurants, shopping, bars, casinos etc.

Mynd Calendar:

Mynd is an intelligent mobile calendar with brain and time management solution.The app connects to LinkedIn, Evernote and your address book to provide photos as well as bio-data of the people whom you are meeting during your business travel.


This free iPhone app is an absolute boon for business travel as it links with various social media sites. It finds a common ground between you and the people you meet, laying a foundation for better relationships.


This app is the world’s most powerful travel manager. It makes sure that all your corporate travel accounts and plans stay organised, secure, and available across all your devices. Its interface is quite user-friendly.

FlightTrack Pro:

It keeps you informed of your air travel details 24/7.You can search flights by number, route, or airport;even create trips with multiple flights and travellers, and view the progression of the trip.

Taxi Magic:

After a long business travel, the last thing you want is waiting at an airport taxi line. This app connects you to professional, fully-insured taxi and for-hire drivers in the vicinity of our location.


This is your stylish escape ticket from waiting at airport taxi lines during business travels. This app lets you reserve silver Audi A4 at a fixed price -$89 weekdays, $59 weekends. No more waiting around for a person to record when it’s returned and fuel usage: The in-car technology takes care of it.


This is the best app if you are out looking for a perfect spot for food, drink or late-night revelry. It provides you with a handpicked listof the nearest spots that fit the bill, alongwith venue and GPS-powered directions.

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