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9 Vintage Beauty Trends That Are Rolling Back To Our Present Regimes

 9 Vintage Beauty Trends That Are Rolling Back To Our Present Regimes

If you ever catch yourself thinking about a vintage trend in beauty or fashion that it’s never going to come back again, you need to take a second and check yourself. Bringing back trends of the yesteryears isn’t about its duplication in the contemporary times. That takes away the relevance of fashion as something that is ever-changing.

However, it is undoubtedly about renovating and rethinking the trends of the years gone by and optimising them for the present times. There may be multiple things in our wardrobes which are, in some way or the other, inspired by the trends that ruled the fashion industry in the years gone by.
You can often see designers commemorating a specific iconic trend or creation by another master designer from the past by putting their twist to that. So, if the designers sitting in Paris, Milan, London, and New York are people who directly or indirectly seep into our daily sartorial choices, it’s natural that these ‘comeback trends’ will too, somehow or the other.

The 9 Vintage Beauty Trends that Still Hold the Charm Today

Let us go through nine of these vintage trends that have made a comeback and how:

1. White Eye Liner

Nearly a century ago, make-up artists and erstwhile actresses discovered a trick to make the whites of the eyes look bigger with the help of the most unused shade we have in our eyeshadow palette- the white. A single swipe can make your eyes look bigger and brighter instantly by practically enlarging the white area. It seems like we did have to learn a thing or two from all those old make-up artists, eh?

2. Night Masks

If you follow the IT models of the present times who rule every big runway, there is, you’ll know that these globe-trotting busy bees rely on their night-time skincare schedules to rejuvenate and revivify their tired, jet-lagged skin. They can often be found dancing around (literally) with their night masks on, something that their godmothers from the industry, used to swear by. The night is after all the perfect time for your skin to heal, refresh and moisturise itself.

3. Winged Eye Liner

We all know that we want the wings on or eyes every time we have a special night planned. It’s a gift from the 60’s make-up artists and film actresses who used to swear by this style of wearing the liner. It’s dreamy; it makes your eyes look more prominent, and are an absolute show-stopper. Don’t we all swoon over the liner being donned by multiple stars on the red carpet? If asked to choose between highlighting the eyes or lips, if it’s wing-tip liner, then definitely eyes!

4. Wide Headbands/Bandanas

A perfect example of fashion meets utility; you’ll know their use whenever you are riding on your bike or are on a beach and have to keep your mane off your face. These beauties could often be seen being donned by the yesteryear actresses who made it a part of their whole outfit. It looks chic while giving the right amount of gipsy vibe. Moreover, guess what, they are still around for their uber-cool retro vibe that we so love!

5. Full brows

The 60s were the times when youth icons and stalwarts like Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, an Elizabeth Taylor set the rules for the beauty game worldwide. Moreover, they seemed to love their full, untamed, filled brows which give all the definition you need on your face. Look at the contemporary models and actresses, and you’ll know how they well they have adopted the trick too!

6. Blunt Bangs

The 70s cool chicks had their boho, gipsy vibe on full mode with their blunt bags. Like every beauty trend, this trend was also propagated by a youth icon, music legend Joni Mitchell who inspired quite a few hair stylists. Decades later, we saw supermodel Tyra Banks donning that same haircut with as much grace as can be expected of her.

7. Centre-Parted Hair

You may think that is just a natural hairdo that comes without even styling it intentionally, but you’re mistaken. Centre-parted sleek hair was called “rich girl hair” by NY Mag, and it was quite the rage in the 70s. Cut to the present times, we see models with sleep, simple, centre-parted hair not only on the ramp but off-the-ramp as well. It’s fuss-free, and it looks incredibly chic too!

8. The Bob Cut

What can be called the IT haircut of the 70s is now being sported by more and more stars today? The bob cut used to be on the covers of magazines and the favourite hairstyle of many including Debbie Harry’s iconic platinum blonde. Today, you will see more than just one youth star smashing that same haircut. Rita Ora, for example, looked like a million bucks in a blonde bob and showed the world that bob is still very much in.

9. Messy, Top Buns

Come the 80s; supermodels showed the world that even messy hair could look super cool and super stylish. The top buns were the talk of the ‘beauty’ town as more and more hair stylists practised their version of it. Moreover, hey, we all know how practical it is, right? Even in the present times, it’s just the perfect hairdo for when you have a bad hairdo or just want to tame your mane down for a hectic schedule ahead. Added advantage? Looks super cute too!
Fashion doesn’t come in or go out as we often refer to it. It’s just a matter of creative rethinking and reimagination. Any beauty trend could fit into any era given that its modern and can adapt to changes.
The trends mentioned above used to be absolute favourites back in the days and are now being embraced by the beauty industry, sometimes for duplication and sometimes for inspiration. No matter what, given their relevance and validity, we are not complaining at all!


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