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The Adult Nutrition

 The Adult Nutrition

Good health may be priceless, but some of China’s super-rich are willing to take the mantra to an extreme, according to multiple Chinese media reports, wealthy and busy adults have found a new way to combat health issues caused by stress and strain – drinking human breast milk. They hire wet nurses who regularly provide the nutritious drink. While many parents in China are struggling to find safe powdered milk for their babies, following a scandal over poisoned formula, rich and powerful adults from cities like Shenzhen and Guangdong are paying big bucks for fresh breast milk to keep in shape.
Why? Human breast milk has a combination of antibodies, living cells, enzymes, hormones and fatty acids that is persuading the super-rich to class it as the latest super food. “[Breast milk] is particularly good for people who have just had major surgery. It is the best tonic, even better than bird’s nest [a kind of soup favoured for its restorative capacity],” boasts Li Jun, a manager of Xinxinyu, an agency in Shenzhen. Contradicting it, medical experts say the nutritional value of human breast milk for adults is ridiculously overstated. It can actually do more harm than good as it contains more lactose than an adult can digest and often causes diarrhoea.
Newspaper reports, a wet nurse who provides breast milk to adults can earn an average monthly wage of 16,000 Yuan (HK$20,238). A healthy and attractive wet nurse can earn even more, the paper was told. But Shenzhen police told the paper that it would be difficult to prove if the act was a sex crime as it was hard to acquire evidence of the service offered.

Daisy Akhtar

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