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Soaring Secrets: A Glimpse into Aviation Mysteries, Celebrity Air Travels, and the Dynamics of Power

The skies have always held a certain allure – a domain of infinite possibility, transcendence, and occasionally, enigma. Along with serving as corridors for global travel, the ethereal space has sometimes morphed into an arena of power plays, celebrity lifestyles, and perplexing mysteries that have captured the public imagination. The world of aviation is not...Read More

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Why Chandrayaan is more economical than similar moon missions of US, USSR, China, Japan – and Adipurush

Calculating the exact cost of all moon missions since 2000 is a complex task because it involves multiple space agencies, private companies, and various mission objectives. Additionally, some costs may not be publicly available or are subject to different sources and estimates. However, I can provide you with an overview of some notable moon missions and their estimated costs during this period:Read More

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Indian Educational Degrees to be recognized in Australia

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced earlier this month (March 2023) that Australia and the Indian government have finalized Australia-India Education Qualification Recognition Mechanism. During his visit to India, Mr. Albanese spoke at a program, where he announced that Australia’s Deakin University would be setting up an international branch campus at GIFT city in Gujarat’s...Read More

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Everything that you need to know about the new Prime Minister of Australia

Anthony Albanese has become the 31st Prime Minister of Australia after the Labor party defeated the ruling coalition led by Scott Morrison in the federal election held last week Saturday(21-05-2022). Besides, the election brought an end to almost a decade of conservative rule, while the Labor Party garnered support from the Australian Greens and teal...Read More


14,000 Skilled Graduates Will Be Stuck Overseas Until Next Year

The opening of Australia’s borders indicated good news for many international students and highly skilled workers. But the international borders are currently closed to everyone except for the citizens, permanent residents and immediate families. Consequently, the temporary visa holders who fall under the category of subclass 485 are not able to return to Australia. For...Read More

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Fake coronavirus tests could have fuelled outbreaks in Indian officials say

Authorities in India have begun an investigation into supposed forged test results. A government report revealed that some 100,000 coronavirus test results were forged by private agencies who were testing pilgrims at a busy Hindu festival. Festival blamed for the surge in coronavirus cases. The Kumbh Mela festival held in April is believed to have...Read More