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The best adventures Mediterranean has to offer

 The best adventures Mediterranean has to offer

For those who love to feel the fresh cool breeze of the seas while sitting and rejuvenating on a beach, the Mediterranean is certainly revered as the best place to be. Let us explore some of the most majestic holiday spots and adventures that Mediterranean has to offer.

Even if the World’s most premier cycling event is considered only for the professionals, yet you can also enjoy the cycle routes and the breath-taking sceneries that come by. The path for the race changes every year ranging from mountain passes to the sunny Mediterranean Coast of France. You can yourself hop onto a cycle and explore the whole of French Riviera with picturesque landscapes and valleys.

windsurf_alacati2Windsurfing in Turkey –
Each and every year, thousands of tourists head over to the clear waters and coastlines of Turkey. There is a small village in Turkey which goes by the name of Alacati. This happens to be a fishing village which has splendid scenic beauty. The best time to visit these beautiful coastlines is between the months of May and October as during these months, the northern winds will be blowing through the coast which is why it will be perfect for tourists.

Enlighten yourself with the past of Alexandria –Kom El Shoqafa
There are surfeit of treasures that are found deep within the caves of Alexandria, Egypt. If you wish to have a glimpse of the city of Cleopatra along with ancient civilizations of Romans as well as Egyptians, then this is certainly the place to be as you will come across the most antique collection of ancient artefacts. There are a wide range of diving programmes which will allow the divers to explore amphorae, statues, ancient buildings and columns. Furthermore, you will come across many shipwrecks ranging from the era of World War II. There are some regions which are reserved only for professional divers whereas others can be enjoyed by normal people.

downloadSki through the mountains of Abruzzo –
If you are a skiing aficionado, then you must not miss out on the range of snow sports that Abruzzo has to offer. The coastline of Abruzzo is quite long which makes it fit for skiers and has picturesque villages covered with snow. You will find many eateries along the way. Two of the most famous slopes in the region are Campo Felice and Roccaraso. Towards the north of the area, you will find the Alpine region of Abruzzo which is much more popular amongst the tourists. Abruzzo is usually referred to as the perfect and the quietest reflection of Italy itself.

Kite Surfing Tarifa, Spain –Tarifa-Spain-kiteboarding
This happens to be the southernmost port town of Europe and lies on the Strait of Gibraltar. Kite Surfing Tarifa in Spain happens to be a hotspot for all those who have a penchant for flying kites. The howling winds over the Strait are strong which is why they are absolutely perfect for kite-fliers. For those who wish to learn the art of flying kites, there are a few schools as well.

Go hitchhiking in the Atlas MountainsGo hitchhiking in the Atlas Mountains –
For all those tourists who are avid hitchhiking fanatics, Atlas Mountains range is the perfect spot. The view from the top of the mountains is splendid and attracts thousands of tourists every month. The mountains are occupied by an independent-minded tribal group that goes by the name of Berbers. These people colonized in the mountains way back during the time of Arab invasions. The Berbers are known for their hospitality as they welcome every tourist with their much-famed mint tea. The culture of the Berbers is quite vibrant which attracts tourists from all over the world. Thus, plan a hitchhiking trip to the Atlas Mountains with your friends and enjoy the breath-taking landscape.

Sail through the Aisles of Greece –66-cruise-gt
The history-laden shores of the Mediterranean happen to be the best place for sailors as there are lots of sailing routes that emerge from these enchanting anchorages. It is well known that Greece has more than thousands of islands so all you have to do is hire a cruise and sail through the islands enjoying the spectacular view. We strongly recommend you to pay a visit to the archaeological artefacts and treasures of Delos. Furthermore, you can check out the vineyards of Santorini as well. The aisles of Greece are usually considered as hotspots for newly married couples.

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