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Boy hero who saved his little sister from a dog attack celebrates the Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan

 Boy hero who saved his little sister from a dog attack celebrates the Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan

At only six years old, Bridger Walker from Wyoming showed courage beyond measure for his age. Stepping between his little sister and a vicious German Shepherd, he saved her from a potentially lethal attack. The dog attacked him instead, and he received such severe facial injuries that he was hospitalised with 90 stitches. When asked why he stepped into action to defend his sibling, Bridger stated that “if someone had to die, it should be him”.

He became an internet sensation for his outstanding bravery overnight. His Aunt Nicole’s Instagram post detailed the events and received over a quarter of a million likes. It garnered so much attention that a litany of celebrities from around the world got in touch to share their well-wishes and admiration. Marvel superfan Bridger suddenly found himself inundated with messages directly from his heroes, actors who play his favourite fictional characters from the Marvel Universe.

Actor Chris Evans who has played Captain America in the Marvel Universe since 2011, got in contact by shooting a video. In the video, he said, “you might have heard a lot of this over the last few days, but let me tell you, you’re a hero.” Evans even sent a replica of his signature star-emblazoned shield to Bridger as a badge of honour.

Robert Downey Jr, the actor behind the Marvel character Iron Man, promised to go one step further by asking the child hero to call him on his next birthday so that he could do something “extraordinary for him”.

Jeremy Renner who plays the arrow-wielding superhero Hawkeye even named Bridger Walker “The real avenger“.

Not long after the attack, the Walker family found out about the Indian Festival of Raksha Bandhan being celebrated in the coming days and decided to take part. Raksha Bandhan, often abbreviated to Rakhi, is a Hindu festival celebrating the love between siblings, a fitting celebration following Bridger’s inspiring actions. Another Instagram post from his aunt Nicole shows Bridger’s sister tying a red Rakhi bracelet around her brother’s wrist. This traditional ritual acts as a promise from Bridger to protect his little sister from harm. The Instagram post also stated that it’s widely considered to protect the brother from “bad influences.”

This incredible youngster sets a beautiful example for siblings around the world, and the Walker family invites everyone to celebrate the relationships you have with your siblings “in a similar manner”.

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