Camping and Caravanning Fun in Western Australia

 Camping and Caravanning Fun in Western Australia

Finally, the spring season is about to arrive and it’s time to take out your camping gear from the closet. It’s the time to air out the caravan and rev up the RV’s motor so that you can hit the road. Prepare to head in the direction of Australia’s Coral Coast as there’s no better spot, when it comes to camping and caravanning.
Best Time to Visit – This is the right time to visit the coral coast of the country as summers are just around the corner and the clouds of southern rains have finally disappeared.
Flowers for Relaxation – If you are looking forward to spend some relaxing time, the region offers just the right mix of flowering wattles, Geraldton wax and banksias. Explore a variety of meadows with stunning diversity of flowers and give yourself an opportunity to re-connect with Mother Nature.
Go Fishing – There are a number of fishing spots in this area where you can have a great time with your family or friends. You can visit Horrocks or the Jurien Bay or you can put the tinny into the waters of Murchison River. Geraldton is another fabulous option. You can also go for fishing in the deep waters off the coast.
Caravan Parks and Camping Sites – The most exciting part of such a trip is the experience of staying in a camp with your friends. Things can get really romantic if you are in the company of that special someone. Caravan Parks offer a bouquet of options to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. If you are travelling with your young ones, opt for a park offering playgrounds, jumping pillows, games room and a swimming pool.
Most of the camp kitchens are just like your kitchen at home, except the fact that you could enjoy company of one or two other campers while preparing your favourite cuisine. Sharing a yarn or two is sort of a tradition among the campers and most probably you will receive some great tips as well. You have the option of picking a grass camp site or a powered site that comes with an ensuite bathroom and a number of other facilities. If you do not have any caravanning gear, opt for an on-site park cabin. Most of the parks offer cabins ranging from studio cabins which are ideal for two people to cabins which are designed for up to eight people. Some of the cabins come with a lounge and a kitchen.
The Beach Fun – At the beach, you can simply relax and enjoy getting a little tanned or you can indulge in a number of activities including kayaking, snorkelling, swimming with the manta rays and eating the freshly prepared local seafood. You can spend time watching the sea lions playing or relaxing on the beach or you can enjoy a fishing session and revive your basic instincts.

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