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Magazines are the new televisions! Be it the inception of good ol’ magazines stacked up on a stand or the more contemporary ones in your smartphones and tablets, Indian magazines have come a long way.
Indian magazines are now considered an integral part of Indian media rather than sideliners warming the benches. Be it the content, the presentation or the source of dispensing them (paperback and digital one); right from the publishing house to marketers advertising in magazines edgy, crafty and intuitiveness have become 379_4the new norm when it comes to Indian magazines.
Lifestyle, sports, fashion or social et al; these slew of magazines have made a certain impact in Indian market in last decade. Reason being-
Publishing groups know what makes the nerves of the audience tick, what all people expect to read and what all that will induce a gaping stance in them. Marketers are not far behind. They are well aware of the fact that out of the box thinking just won’t cut it. Advertisement in Indian magazines needs to be creative yet something that will stick with the audiences, something that will strike a chord with them.
Thanks to this mutation in a billion dollar industry of Indian magazines, people are now more avers to good journalism. People look for articles which will edify them, things which will stimulate their interest and intellect and hence help them broaden the horizon of their views and expressions.
Future looks promising and it is all wait and watch as of how India’s magazines further industry adapts with changing times.

Ankit Gupta

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