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The Fixed-Term Fallacy: Why Playing it Safe Could Be Your Riskiest Bet Yet

The allure of fixed-term investments lies in their promise of safety. With predetermined interest rates and little exposure to market volatility, they often appear to be the prudent choice for risk-averse investors. However, when you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find that this investment strategy may not be as foolproof as it seems, especially in...Read More

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Weather Whodunnit – Is El Niño Really the Culprit Behind Our SuperDry Summer, or Are We Missing the Bigger Picture?

When it comes to explaining Australia’s climate anomalies, El Niño often takes centre stage. From droughts to bushfires, this weather phenomenon is frequently blamed for our environmental woes. But this year, something strange occurred: we experienced a dry August without the typical conditions associated with El Niño. It’s time to rethink our assumptions and consider...Read More

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RBA’s continuous rate increases affecting you? our Comprehensive Guide to Navigating the Home Loan Refinancing Process could help

The common wisdom suggests that homeowners should reassess their mortgage options and consider refinancing approximately every three to four years. This periodic review of mortgage terms can help ensure that individuals always benefit from the best deals available. The financial industry often sees new customers receiving more favourable interest rates than existing ones. In addition,...Read More

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Holi Festival in Melbourne: A Kaleidoscope of Unity Love and Diversity

Holi, the exuberant “Festival of Colours,” is an ancient Hindu spring festival celebrated with great fervour, symbolising love, unity, and the triumph of good over evil. Deeply rooted in Hindu mythology, it celebrates the triumph of good over evil and the power of devotion. The festival honours Prahlad’s faith in Lord Vishnu and the playful...Read More


Australia’s plan to reach zero net emission by the year 2050 but refuses to cut down on fossil fuels

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, has announced the plans for decarbonisation of the country through net-zero emissions by 2050. Simultaneously, he assured that the production or use of fossil fuels would not be stopped; he further emphasised that this project aims to combat the climate change that the world is facing currently. This announcement...Read More