Anyone who has gotten married or plans to get married will know what a big deal the engagement ring is. In today’s article, we give you a complete guide to engagement rings: how to shop for them, what to look for, and even how to get your own designed.
For many of us, whether it works out that way in real life or not, the concept of marriage is to commit to live with one person forever. And engagement rings are symbols of this commitment, which many people wear on their fingers every day of their married life. Engagement rings are symbols of the love and trust that a couple plan to build between them through the institution of marriage.
Since it is such an important accessory, it makes sense that we should all take great care in deciding the most suitable engagement ring for us. Your engagement ring should not just fit your finger, but it should fit your personality and character as well.
The Four C’s
When you go shopping for your engagement ring, pay attention to the four C’s.
The first C is colour. These are graded on a scale and range from D to Z. Grades D to F are the rarest and the clearest, so they’re also the most valuable. Grades J onwards are yellowish and less expensive.
The second C is clarity. The clarity of a diamond is a reflection of how clean it is. Diamonds generally contain little flaws or marks called inclusions. The less inclusions a diamond has, the clearer it is, and the more valuable and expensive it is.
The third C is carat. The higher the carat, the bigger and heavier a diamond is.
The fourth C is cut. It refers not just to shape, but also the finesse that has gone into mapping out the facets of a diamond, and how light reflects in and out of it. Ideally, light should enter the diamond, bounce off the insides, and come right back at your eyes to make them dazzle.
Buy the right size and shape
If you have long, slender fingers, a pear or oval shaped ring will probably suit your hands. If you have shorter fingers, a cushion cat may work well. No size or shape is ‘right’; you should try different ones on your hand and see which works best.
Buy in the right price range
You may think that a more expensive ring makes a bigger statement of your love, but if it is pushing your bank balance to the brink, or if it is getting you into debt, perhaps that’s not the best way to start your marriage. Remember that your ring is only a symbol. What it stands for – the love and trust with your partner – cannot be measured, and you should not try to measure it. So choose a ring that fits in your budget.
Have a ring designed
If you don’t find a ring that you like in any of the display cases that house readymade jewels, then go ahead and get your diamond designed. Most jewellers have a designer who will sit with you and design your ring for you. That way you can combine two or more of readymade designs into something you will love wearing. When you do this, though, make sure that the designer knows exactly what’s on your mind, and keep abreast of progress. There is nothing worse than turning up at the jeweller the night before your wedding and finding out that the ring does not fit, or that the diamond is just all wrong.

Gaurav Malhotra

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