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The Curios Cases of Rebirth

 The Curios Cases of Rebirth

There are many questions that the universe and human life throws at us. One of the most intriguing and baffling of them is the ‘possibility of rebirth’. Let’s keep religion, faith and science apart for a moment and take a look at these extraordinary stories, which will leave you befuddled.
The parents of a 4 year old boy Ryan keep hearing random shouts of ‘Action!’ from his room, only to find out that he has been directing imaginary films. Soon he starts getting horrible dreams of dieing in Hollywood and wakes up screaming in the night. That’s when Ryan’s parents consult a doctor and the dreams are dismissed as night terrors which will fade away with age. But they are forced to change their opinion when Ryan tells his mother that he used to be someone else. He talks about being in a big house in Hollywood, far away from his current home and says he had three sons. One day when they are going through some old Hollywood pictures, one black & white photo of a 1930s film catches Ryan’s attention and he recognizes two men from the picture, one he claims is his colleague George and the other one he says is him. After much research they find out that the guy in the picture really was George, a leading actor and the one Ryan said was him, was an extra named Martin Martyn. A splendid research leads them to Martin’s daughter, who confirms that a number of facts Ryan said about his father were actually true. For instance, Ryan had talked about having danced in New York; Martin used to be a broadway dancer. He also knew the name of a Senator Martin knew, roughly remembered Martin’s address and as it turns out, Martin did have three sons.
Another story which brings the theory of rebirth into limelight is that of James Leininger, a boy aged 2 years. James loved playing with toy planes. But often the boy had nightmares of being in a plane crash in which he would scream “Airplane crash on fire, Little Man can’t get out”. He told his father that he was a pilot and flew off from a boat named Natoma. He even mentioned details like the type of plane he flew, a friend named Jack Larson and his nickname back then ‘Little Man’. After many years of research and fact finding, James’ father made a startling discovery. An American aircraft carrier named USS Natoma Bay, had lost a pilot during the World War II. The plane’s engine exploded and it crashed into the water, just the way young James had described. The pilot’s name was James Huston and the plane which was flying right next to him before the crash was piloted by Jack Larson.
Do they really remember their past lives? If not, how come their dreams tell about lives of others? There is no explanation as to why young kids like these, who live in happy families, who have never shown a sign of mental trauma or any medical condition, can remember and feel the pain and affiliation of a life they have never lived. The cases of Ryan, James and several others like them make the possibility of rebirth, an assertive question.

Himanshu Yadav

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