The Great Blue Hole of Belize – Deeper Than The Ocean

 The Great Blue Hole of Belize – Deeper Than The Ocean

Have you ever had the experience of swimming in the sea but not been able to spot the bottom of the ocean? Its freezing cold but all you can see is the dark blue water extended to the infinity. You try to explore this surrounding by travelling deeper and deeper towards the core of the Earth but there is absolutely nothing out there. No, this is not a scary dream! Welcome to the mysterious world of blue holes in the sea.
Blue holes are basically caves or sinkholes which were formed thousands of years ago. These roughly circular holes are mostly found in low lying regions like Belize in Bahamas and Guam in Australia. The water contained in these holes does not get proper circulation and therefore after a point, no life form can survive in them, except a large number of bacterial organisms. The deepest blue hole of this planet, ‘Dean’s Blue Hole’ is located on Long Island, Bahamas. The hole is 202 meters deep (roughly 660 feet deep).
But the most popular blue hole of the world is ‘The Great Blue Hole’ which is located in Belize. The hole is 125 meters deep and 300 meters wide and this makes ‘The Great Blue Hole’ the biggest blue hole in the world (volume wise). The hole was created due to increase in the sea level, which is believed to have occurred more than 65,000 years ago. Naturally the spot is a popular tourist hub and you can go for a day trip to ‘The Great Blue Hole’ which includes a dive in the blue hole, a dive in ‘The Half Moon Caye Wall’ and dives at other popular sites located nearby.
Other important blue holes which have been discovered recently include – The Blue Hole of Dahab, The Blue Hole of Gozo and The Blue Cave of Korcula.

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