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Docklands – For Perfect Summer Evenings!

 Docklands – For Perfect Summer Evenings!

Heard the suburban folks feel good when they tell you, “OMG, I am so thankful I don’t work in the CBD. It’s a chaos to commute, both in and out, lunch waiting queues make you cry and it is just the same concrete jungle view day in and day out…”
Thankfully, Docklands comes to rescue.
This three square kilometre of effectively planned piece of land has just about ‘Everything’ a man needs!
From arts and cultural events, to delightful shopping streets and amusement parks, Docklands offers a plethora of activities to suit everyone’s persona and budget. So after spending a tiring day at the office, visit any of the precincts of Docklands and enjoy some of the finest delicacies prepared to entice your taste buds or just relax at a bar with a can of chilled beer, overlooking the spectacular view of the waterfront.
Docklands can be divided into eight precincts, each one with its own set of unique attractions and list of events. While the Waterfront City has the Wonderland Fun Park and the Medibank Icehouse, Victoria Harbour boasts of its picturesque promenades and a collection of peaceful cafes and bars. The Sunday Market on the New Quay’s promenade provides a fabulous opportunity to purchase everything you and your house needs, at one place. You can buy beauty products, art and crafts, jewellery, clothes, plants, books and magazines, hand-made flowers, toys, candles and God knows what else!
Batman’s Hill is one of the most innovative and interesting precincts because of itsunique architecture, which has been perfectly planned to meet today’s challenging retail and public sector needs. Visit the Fox Classic Car Museum where fifty gorgeous vehicles are at display. The collection is housed in Queen’s Warehouse building at the foothill of the Collins Street Bridge. The collection is simply mind-boggling with some classics previously owned by iconic celebrities – James Dean, Pablo Picasso and Elvis Presley to name a few.
Yarra’s Edge is more of a residential precinct where an array of pristine apartment towers is standing firm and tall in an exceptionally serene and charming milieu. There are many options of fine dining restaurants, luxury spas and boutique shopping stores in the area. Central Pier, as the name itself suggests, is located in the very heart of this neighbourhood. The precinct is mainly known for its luxurious event venues and a number of classy bars and pubs, the most popular being the Woolshed Pub and the VaBene.
Now who isn’t familiar with the gigantic Etihad Stadium? The remarkable establishment located in the Stadium Precinctcan handle a crowd of more than 55,000 people. It is one of the most important sporting and entertainment events venues of the country. And finally you need to know about the Digital Harbour precinct, which is the technology hub of Melbourne. It is one of its own kind, environmentally sustainable commercial epicentre founded on technology innovation.
How to Reach Docklands Melbourne:
Reaching Docklands is convenient, whether you are travelling by a mode of public transport, driving your own vehicle or riding a bike. You can reach Docklands by the free City Circle Tram or by free Melbourne Visitor Shuttle Bus Service which will drop you at the Harbour Town. If you want a more exhilarating experience, book a water taxi or charter a cruise.

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