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How Ebooks have transformed our way of reading and writing

 How Ebooks have transformed our way of reading and writing

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The best thing about innovation in technology is the flurry of surprises that it showers upon us. How did you feel when you used a Tablet PC for the first time? That is something which we can define as the “Woohoo!” moment and we have experienced lots of such moments over the past few decades. You can certainly count your first experience of Ebooks as one of those “Woohoo!” moments.
In the last century, with the introduction of gadgets such as Kindle, the traditional print text novels have been sidelined. Reading on a Tablet has become the latest hype and this is the reason why most of the authors nowadays are publishing Ebooks instead of writing books in the form of hard copies. Furthermore, getting Ebooks published is a hassle-free process as you do not have to run from one publisher to another or an agent whom you will have to rely upon, so that your book is channelised properly.The primary aim is to make your book easily accessible to masses.
There are people who prefer audio books over any other form of reading, but for those who are proud owners of Kindle, Ebooks are definitely better than traditional printed books. Also, avid readers do not mind shelling out money on Ebooks. Thus, if you are planning to switch from hard copies to Ebooks, then you can consider buying Kindle as it will definitely keep you hooked to millions of books available online.

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