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Eight scariest restaurants in the world

 Eight scariest restaurants in the world

Imagine having dinner or lunch with your friends or family in a restaurant that has a pleasing ambience, and you are enjoying the food while having a conversation. That sounds like such an ideal get together, but you have done the whole weekly outings or, once in a while, eating out with friends many times, haven’t you? What if I told you there is a way to spice things up, more like spook things up.

Themed restaurants or high-concept restaurants have been all the rage since the past decade or so, but is it worth the hype? It most certainly is if it contributes to your dining experience.

If you like scary movies or get a kick out of getting spooked and scaring others, then you may want to visit a scary restaurant. As lame as that sounds, it is actually pretty interesting.

If someone asks you what’s the weirdest thing you have done? You all have an answer at that point. Jokes apart, below are some of the scariest restaurants in the world that attract many patrons every year.

Dinner in the sky – Belgium

Dinner in the sky - Belgium

Have you ever looked down from an 11th or 14th floor of a building? If you have, you might recall the debilitating feeling or that sinking notion in the gut. Now wonder what would happen if you ascend to double or triple the amount of that height.

Dinner in the sky is a restaurant that serves a five-course meal at about 160 feet in the air on free-floating tables.

So how does it work?

Twenty-two diners are strapped in their chair and then elevated to the air, which lets you see the cityscape. Additionally, diners are asked to sign a $10 million insurance waiver before sitting on the chair. Since its launch in 2006, the restaurant has set up several branches across sixty countries globally.

But in case you have acrophobia( fear of heights), you might want to avoid this; we would not want you having breakdown mid-air, now would we?

The New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad (India)

The New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

Are you willing to let go of any superstition regarding the dead and prepared to have a meal amidst coffins and tombs?

If yes, then the New Lucky Restaurant, situated in Ahmedabad, India, is the best option. This fifty-year-old restaurant is built around coffins and graves that are encased in steel railing; due to its off-beat setting, the restaurant receives customers from all across the state and country. Curious tourists often drop by to have a meal and get a sense of the atmosphere.

Dans Le Noir, New York City – The USA

Dans Le Noir, New York City - The USA

This restaurant puts ‘’creep’’ in the creepy; keeping with the scary theme, Dans Le Noir has an unusual setting. Diners need to have their meal in complete darkness, wherein any light-emitting device is forbidden. If that is not frightening enough, you have to sit side by side with strangers and enjoy the evening, well; however, you can.

Fortezza Medicea, Italy

Fortezza Medicea, Italy

If you want to taste Italian prison food, you can visit Fortezza Medicea, Renaissance Castle built-in 1474. The structure is currently used as a high-security prison; the restaurant within the premises is well-lit and maintained thoroughly.

Who would want to visit a prison?

Contrary to what you may think, this is one of the most popular restaurants in the region; in fact, people need to make advanced bookings before visiting the place. A significant point about Fortezecca is that prisoners prepare food for the diners themselves.

Nyotaimori, Tokyo, Japan

Nyotaimori,Tokyo, Japan

Nyotaimori, located in Tokyo, takes the scary quotient a few notches higher with its bizarre eatery setting. A fake naked body of a woman made of food is laid on top of the table decorated with sushi. Diners can cut open the woman’s body with an operating tool and eat the intestines and organs which are edible.

While the woman would bleed fake and edible blood, diners can gorge on the assortment of sushi and sashimi arranged across. If that didn’t paint a terrifying picture, I don’t know what will.



Linger is located in Denver, Colorado, a mortuary turned restaurant where previously corpses were cooled in antiquated aircon units. These units have been converted into lamps; the conveyor belts that the staff used to move coffins have been topped with glass and used as tables to serve food.

Guess in what they serve water? Formaldehyde bottles.

Mug house pub, Worcester, England

Mug house pub, Worcester, England

Burial grounds and funeral homes seem to be a thing of fancy for many proprietors, as you may see restaurants centred around these across many regions. For instance, Mug house pub in Worcester is located upon a consecrated ground; you can take long walks around the graveyards and reach the bar or pub. Do not look back if you hear a ghostly moan.

Disaster Cafe, Spain

Disaster Cafe, Spain

Why would anyone name their establishment ‘’Disaster’’?

To highlight its concept, of course.

Disaster Cafe, located in Spain, has a spacious room that stimulates an earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes every night. The restaurant staff wear protective headgear and reflective vests; the customers, on the other hand, wear machine-washable clothing. The violent movement induced by artificial earthquakes sends wine glasses and meals flying.

Nivedita Nagpal

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