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If there is one thing that could be safely said regarding just about any working person today, it is that they’re busy. We don’t quite know what we’re busy with, because working efficiency and technology have freed up our physical muscles so much that we’re now having to exercise to stay healthy. But technology has also brought with it a ton of distractions which leave our minds forever occupied, forever thinking about something, and forever drained.

Try these five things out to de-stress from the many issues of your life. If possible, make habits out of them.

1. Turn off your phone for an hour each day.
Be out of touch. Disconnect. Let your friends know that you will not be reachable during this time.

2. Have real conversations with a person you love
Stay away from hot topics or debates on current affairs. Sit across the table from a person that you love and talk. About life. About your shared dreams. About your feelings. Make it about you rather than about the world.

3. Take time out to reflect
Make sure at least half an hour of each day, you’re sitting by yourself and turning inward. Dig out all your happy memories and relive them. Reflect on your sad memories and work out what they taught you, how they made you a better person. If possible, write these things down into a blog or a journal.

4. Appreciate silence
Turn off the music. Just be alone with your thoughts. Retreat to a place in your house every day for at least fifteen minutes where there are no sounds. Silence indeed is golden.

Himanshu Yadav

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