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Get Defined Cheekbones in Minutes

 Get Defined Cheekbones in Minutes

Contouring is back and is in vogue like never before. Highlighting and shading makes you look younger and can give your face a defined structure, even if it’s not actually there. Many people avoid contouring since it sounds a little intimidating. According the experts, the key is to keep it simple. Just use three products – a sculpting product, a highlighter and a blush.
Assembling the Right Products – How your final look will appear largely depends on what kind of products you use and whether you have picked the right shades or not. While selecting products, try to pick shades that match your natural skin tone, so that your makeup looks as real as possible. Ideally, your sculpting product (for shading) should be two shades darker than your natural skin colour. Avoid orange-tinged products and shimmery products as well. Pick a light pink or peachy shade for blush and use a pearl-silver or gold shaded highlighter/illuminator.
First of all, apply foundation evenly on your face and then follow the below mentioned steps –
• Put some sculpting product on an angular brush, suck your cheeks in and start blending along the line of the sunken cheek in an up and down motion. Stop an inch away from the edge of your mouth.
• Now, diffuse the blush just on the apples of your cheeks in a circular upward motion.
• Use a highlighter on the uppermost area of your cheeks using the Menard’s trick – place a finger below your brow bone and slide it down till you reach your cheekbone. That’s the spot where you need to apply the highlighter. Blend the highlighter properly.
If you are over 50, shift the focus to defining your jaw-line, instead of cheekbones. Dust bronzer under the jaw-line and blend the edges to match your neck.

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