Whether you’re a college-going boy or a middle-aged married man, you most likely will have wished for a six pack at some point in your life. We can’t help it; there are so many images of perfect midsections that bombard us from every angle today that it’s impossible to not aspire to it, even if occasionally.
Here we have a simple, three-point formula to get a six pack in six weeks. That’s one pack per week on average, which is not bad at all.
1. Exercise your abs for an hour each day
That doesn’t mean you just do crunches of one kind every day. The abdominal muscles are made up of lower abs, upper abs and obliques. Make sure that your workout regiment covers all three muscle groups. Perform the three in a circuit so that you automatically rest each muscle group after working it out.
2. Eat well
Since our bodies tend to deposit fat in the most amounts near our stomachs, it’s important to eat well if you want your abdominal muscles to show. Otherwise you may still have a strong core, but that layer of fat will hide your muscles from view. Eat a protein-heavy diet, with eggs, lean meat and protein bars forming the biggest portion. Do take all the other necessities too, but go easy on carbohydrates and ‘bad’ fats.
3. Focus on other muscle groups too
Sometimes it is possible to focus exclusively on abs and ignore all the other muscle groups. This can give an awkward appearance to your abs. So make sure you incorporate your abs workout into a larger full-body workout for best results.


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