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Getting Permanent Makeup is Now Possible

 Getting Permanent Makeup is Now Possible

Who loves to spend hours at the beauty salon? What you really like about your frequent trips to the salon is how stunning they make you look. You don’t really enjoy those tiring, time-consuming beauty treatments which are often painful as well, isn’t it? How incredible it would be if you could get some kind of permanent beauty treatments so that you won’t have to visit the beauty parlors again and again. Unbelievable? Read on to believe –

  • Permanent Eyebrow Shaping – Indian women are blessed with big beautiful eyes. If the shape of your eyebrows is right, it further accentuates the gorgeousness of your eyes. With the help of permanent eyebrow shaping treatment, you can get rid of all the irregularities that make you visit the beauty parlour several times in a month for painful threading appointments.
  • Permanent Eye Liner – Applying eye liner is the most challenging part of your makeup routine. You start with one eye but by the time you are finished with the second, you realize that the shapes don’t match. Get permanent eyeliner treatment and wake-up each morning looking like a diva! Imagine the amount of time and hard-work you’ll be able to save while getting ready. Even if you wear lenses you can get this treatment done.
  • Permanent Lip Colour – Lip enhancement tools and cosmetic treatments have never been more popular. Everybody is after those rosy, luscious lips which we all know are ‘irresistible’. Get the colour of your choice perpetually fixed on your lips with the newly introduced permanent lip colour treatments. The colour will stay with you for about 3-4 months. You can even get a permanent lip liner to boost the shape of your lips.
  • Beauty Spots – Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot on her left cheek was endearing in an unexplainable manner. Even Rekha sports a beauty spot just above her lips. Beauty spots can make you stand out from the rest. You can get one for yourself and that too, permanently.

Permanent makeup treatments can last for 15 years or so. Before opting for one such procedure, carefully analyse all its pros and cons. Make sure the treatment suits your skin. Consult a dermatologist, if you have sensitive skin issues.

Sumit Panwar

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