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Made in India Magazine | July 25, 2021

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Got 2 Million Dollars? Let’s Buy a Dog!

Got 2 Million Dollars? Let’s Buy a Dog!

| On 03, Apr 2014

When a Tibetan mastiff called ‘Big Splash’ was sold for 10 million Yuan (approximately 1.5 million dollars) some three years ago, we all thought, “Whoa! That has to be the most expensive dog sale ever”. Now, in 2014 another dog from the same breed has been sold for a whopping 2 million US dollars. The Tibetan mastiff puppy that looks like a giant ball of fur was auctioned by a luxury pet store in eastern China.

The puppy weighed 90 kg and was about 80 cm tall when he was sold to a 56–year-old property developer from the Zhejiang province of China, who bought the golden-haired Tibetan mastiff for 12 million Yuan and his red-haired twin brother for 6 million Yuan.

Dogs from this particular breed have distinctive leonine (resembling a lion) features that make them look regal. These animals are considered to be a status symbol in the country. It is also believed that Tibetan mastiffs bring wealth and prosperity in your life.

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  1. sheetal

    Haha! This is insane. nice post!

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