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Heavier Australia

 Heavier Australia

Do you know how Australians will evolve in another 20-30 years? Well, to be blunt and short – we will become fatter. It may sound amusing right now, but in 2035, people will not be amused by this problem since everything from houses to office spaces will require modifications in terms of seating arrangements, infrastructure and climate control. Based upon scientific studies, on an average, every citizen in the country has gained around 4 kilograms in the last two decades. The fact that media and health experts have been giving increasing amount of tips on ‘how to mend lifestyles’ proves their growing concern on the ‘ballooning’ situation of the nation.
Even the federal government is now concerned because studies have shown that overweight employees are more likely to apply for sick leaves and they tend to be less productive as compared to their healthier colleagues. Fatter people injure themselves easily and therefore a number of insurance companies also have a worried look on their face as they fear for the future of the country. According to a survey, people with weight issues blame their work for their health. They have blamed their employers and their hectic jobs for their inability to concentrate on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The kind of work-load people face these days is unreal. It’s really hard to hit the gym or to go for an hour-long brisk walking session when you have spent the last 10-12 hours in your cubicle, desperately trying to meet the deadlines, handling all the pressure and work strain, everyday, 5-6 days a week. After a taxing day at work (which is every day), only a handful of people try to do some sort of physical activity which can help them maintain a healthier form. The rest of us, we just take a nice hot shower, switch on the television and enjoy our favourite TV show while eating some nice fried delicacies which are easy to make but difficult to shed.
People also blame their boring work atmosphere which compels them towards unhealthy snacking habits. Now you must be thinking that blue collar workers are better off in their active work environment. Well, you are wrong! WorkSafe Victoria’s research shows that their condition is even worse when compared with the office-going working class. They have a greater risk of acquiring health problems like diabetes, heart diseases and blood pressure related issues and naturally so, because after standing all day long, would you rather hit the fridge or a gym?

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