Organising a home is no easy feat, and it’s even harder when the house is small, like a studio apartment or a dorm room. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. By using the tricks in this article, you can set up your little home so that everything you need is always at your fingertips.

No matter how small your house is, you can make it a home with well-planned organisation. Even a mansion can look cluttered and small if you don’t attend to it, and even a dorm room can look large and spacious if you treat it with meticulous care. As living spaces shrink in our modern urban lives, here are a few ways in which you can claim some space for yourself by organising your possessions well in your house.

Storage combinations
When you invest time and effort into getting the right kind of storage for your house, you will automatically take stuff off the surfaces and out of sight. If getting a modular kitchen designed for yourself is too expensive, there are many cheaper alternatives available where wooden shelves can be mounted on your walls with sliding tubs pretending to be shelves. Your first step is to get one of these for your kitchen and get those utensils off the countertop.

You may think that your house is too small to accommodate plants and other green things. But if you get a hanging herb garden, which are herbs that can grow inside a mailing box if you want, you can get that spot of freshness into your home too. A great place to get a hanging herb garden is the outside of the front door, where you can install it near the knocking knob so that all your visitors will be treated to the perfume.

Mason jars and mounted storage
You can use mason jars to hold all kinds of random trinkets that tend to assemble over a few months of living at a place. Mounted storage kits are also available where you can hang a metal railing and grill from the ceiling and mount plastic cans on top of it so that you can make use of all that vertical space that we hardly ever use. Extra linens and towels can go into these, especially stuff that you don’t use that often.

Flexible shelving
When space is at a premium, look out for shelving options everywhere. There are dining tables that come with attached shelves that save space. You get wall-mounted shelves that can be attached and detached in a trice. There is also a good old Murphy bed with storage shelves on the side that will hold all your stuff.

Test tube spice racks
This one’s for the kitchen. In order to reduce the space that your spice and ingredient containers take in your kitchen, invest in a test tube spice rack that holds all your spices in a series of test tubes held in place in a circular holder. This makes your kitchen look a bit like a chemistry lab, but hey, it does save space!

Gaurav Malhotra

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