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Identify Fake Listings on Airbnb with Google’s Reverse Image Search

 Identify Fake Listings on Airbnb with Google’s Reverse Image Search

The kind of convenience Airbnb offers you is truly exceptional. You can rent a room or an entire house for yourself through this website, in more than 190 countries from around the world. Usually these rentals are considered safe but you can’t rule out the possibility of a fake listing altogether. Scammers post these fraudulent listings on Airbnb with the intention of stealing your credit card details. They target travellers who search for last minute rentals at a higher price range.
So before making a haphazard decision, cross-check whether the listing is a genuine one or not. How to do that? By making use of the reverse image search technology. Google offers the option of reverse image searching along with a few other websites. You can reverse search the images provided by the renters on Airbnb in order to find out whether their posts are genuine or not. Most of the posts listed on Airbnb are authentic, but try the same technology on images provided by renters on other such websites and you might get a shock. You can also use reverse image searches to find out more details about a property you want to rent via websites like Airbnb.
If you’ve discovered that a post listed on the website is deceitful, contact the website immediately. Absolutely avoid rental-by-owner websites with a bad reputation, no matter how attractive a deal they are offering you for your vacation. Besides Google, you can conduct reverse image searches on websites like Tineye and Imageraider.

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