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Kim Kardashian Says Husband Kanye Wants Her to Follow Rules

 Kim Kardashian Says Husband Kanye Wants Her to Follow Rules

The queen of reality shows, Kim Kardashian recently revealed that her husband, Kanye West laid down some pretty strict rules as soon as they started dating each other. According to Kim, Kanye considers bringing a mobile phone to a date, ‘very rude’. In a recent interview she said, “When we first started dating it was rude if we brought our phones with us. So, I learned from him not to bring my phone while being on a date.”
Taking this tradition a step further, the couple requested their friends and family members not to bring mobile phones during their wedding ceremonies. The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star justifies that they wanted their guests to enjoy those special moments without any distractions. She further clarified that there were no privacy related issues behind this decision. Kim says that people later on called them and said that it was a fabulous decision since everyone enjoyed a lot.
Kim also added that initially they used to spend a lot of time clicking pictures while being on a date, but from the last few years the couple has been trying to avoid doing that as well. Thus, whenever the Wests are together they devote time to each other absolutely whole-heartedly. Do not hesitate to pick up these simple tips and tricks from the Wests to strengthen your relationship with your partner. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West started dating in the year 2012, they got married in May 2014 and have an 18 months old daughter, North.

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