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Made in India Magazine | May 15, 2021

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Made in India

Melbourne is a busy city. But in touching distance of the bustle of this sprawling city lie small towns that act as lovely tourist destinations. In today’s piece we cover Kyneton, your ultimate romantic destination located within a stone’s throw from Melbourne.

If the hustle and bustle of Melbourne life has you craving for romance and solitude, then you should look no further than Kyneton, which is a town in the Macedon Ranges region of Victoria. It has a population of about 5000, so pretty much everyone knows everyone else (within three degrees of separation), and has only three streets: Mollison, Piper and High. You can cover the whole town on foot if you’re so inclined.

Where should you stay?
There is a lovely hotel on Mollison Street called Mollison’s, which is a five-star hotel but is built after the spirit of the town in which it is set. Little cottages are dotted all over the premises, and as you step into your hideaway, you will notice that there are no receptionists or uniformed bearers anywhere in sight, making you feel like you’re the only guest in that place. They will treat you like that too.

Things to do
There is much to do in Kyneton. Here is a quick sample:
• You can go restaurant hopping, because in this small town you will find two award-winning chef-hatted restaurants, each boasting of its own special kind of food. Annie Smithers Bistro and Royal Georges Hotel are the two that you should be chalking up on your list, and if you had to pick one, go to Annie Smithers. But if there is any opportunity to do so, go for both!
• The waterfalls at Trentham are great for an afternoon of fun and frolic with a loved one, or with a group of friends. Go there after lunch, and you can stay right until sunset before heading back into town.
• The main attraction in Kyneton is the Campaspe River, along which there are a number of walks you can take. If you time your walk so that you begin around sunset, you can walk along the river well into darkness after the stars and the moon have risen, and as you know, there are not many more romantic activities than a moonlit walk.
• If you time your visit to Kyneton well, you can catch the ANZAC Day Parade, a daffodil festival, and agricultural show, and a local Aussie Rules football championship called the Kyneton Cup.
• There are wineries in the Macedon Ranges that house the best of Australian wine, so head out there and take a sip. Where else will you get the opportunity to try out true country wine that embodies the Australian spirit?
• Just lie down in the open and look up at the night sky. Because of almost no light pollution, you will see the stars in all their majesty unlike the view of the sky from Melbourne. Many astronomers come to Kyneton just for this reason, to get an uninterrupted glimpse at the night sky.
Perfect for…
It’s perfect for couples that are busy in their respective lives and are looking to liven things up in their relationship by taking a romantic getaway that will take no more than a weekend, and is available at a distance of just 91 kilometres from the buzz of Melbourne.
Arrive, rekindle your romance, and leave with a fresh breath of air in your lungs.

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