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We all want to be fit and look good at the same time. Gyms are not just places where people come to work out; they have increasingly become places where people meet and make friends. So what we wear to a gym matters. In this guide, we tell you exactly what to pick and what to leave out.

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Fitness inspired clothes are among the hottest trends in the market right now. The young men of today are quite taken in by the twin attractions of fitness and fashion. Be fit and look good seems to be the mantra of today.

Some people work hard at the gym, whereas others go there just to socialise. Whether you belong to the first group or the second, here is a quick guide to what you should and shouldn’t be wearing when you go to work out.

1. A well-fitting t-shirt

 Remember to have a round-necked, well-fitting t-shirt on when you go to the gym. Whether you have big muscles or small, a shirt that fits you well is often the best style choice at the gym. Wearing a loose t-shirt – or even one that’s too tight – can make you look shabby and unattractive. There are so many mirrors in the gym, so this fact will be driven home to you quite a few times if you don’t wear the right shirt.

2. Fitting track pants

Invest in a good slim-fit pair of track pants. Remember that slim-fitting is not the same as skin-tight. The fit of the pants should be comfortable for you to exercise, but at the same time it should not be too long or loose.

3. Shoes

Running and cross-training shoes fit the bill rather well when you go to the gym. They will help you not only with your workout but also make you look good for eyes that pry – and believe us, there are many such pairs of eyes in the gym, of both genders. Do not wear sneakers and fleet shoes to the gym. They’re just not made for working out.

4. Shorts

For summers, you want to wear shorts that will keep you cool. Wear knee-length shorts that are loose enough to be comfortable while you work out. Do not ever wear boxers to the gym, because people can tell the difference between boxers and shorts. Skin-fit shorts are also a no-no; wear them for cycling and swimming. Three-fourths should also be used for casual occasions like barbeques, and a gym workout is hardly that. So don’t wear them.

5. Tank top

If you wish to show off you athletic body while you work out at the gym, a tank top is a good option. If you’re bulky, wear a loose-fitting one that will give your muscles plenty of space of breathe, but if you’re not that big, wear a closer fit that will give shape to your body. You can also wear tank tops that have funny captions on them so that they increase your style quotient.

6. Phone arm band

Now for a purely aesthetic and stylish item: a phone arm band. These look quite stylish when strapped on the arm, and they act as protective gear for your phone while you run on the treadmill or lift some weights. You will never have to worry about your phone dropping out of your pocket again. This accessory makes you look good, too.

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