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Multiculturalism gets a $28M push in NSW

 Multiculturalism gets a $28M push in NSW

The Authorities in New South Wales have announced a $28 million package for the multicultural and faith groups. It includes linguistic initiatives, translation facilities, festivity, cultural funding, and a new religious Community Advisory council budget. Officially claimed as a response to the proactive roles of the groups during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is viewed as another shot in Australia’s long list of endeavours toward social and capital inclusivity.

Understanding the cause

Australia boasts of a cosmopolitan society with an incremental focus on bridging the gaps between cultural, ethnic, and other differentials, staying true to the constitutional values. Counted among the Global North in development and economy, human resource happens to be a chosen cynosure for our democracy. Consequently, successive governments, especially at the state level, have often zeroed in on positive engagement with multicultural groups and Faith circles. Moreover, official figures confirm that Australia is a net receiver of foreign talents who significantly contribute to the National GDP. Therefore Social initiatives to nurture and encourage multicultural cohesion are not only a value-based responsibility but also an economic and strategic move.

Demystifying purpose

The $28 million funds are earmarked for multiple branches over the next two years. Around $16 million are to buttress translation services and language resources, while $10 million is slated for cultural community events. The remaining $2 million will cater to community engagements. The council will be advising Premier Dominic Perrottet on issues on the lines of security architecture, targeted improvisation, and enabling culture/religion as a social bailey bridge. It is also seen as a measure against the recent rise in antisemitism and hate crimes against certain groups.

Looking back to history

Several experts have welcomed Mr Perrottet’s assurance of Tripling the state budget for Multicultural realms. History shows the positive correlation between state-supported cultural investment and reduction in cultural offences, especially in New South Wales. The Christchurch attack was a wake-up call with visible islamophobia in the ambience. Multiple attacks on Indian, Chinese, and Hispanic residents have been reported in the last few years. However, with the clamours growing for a louder voice at the table, these announcements come out as concessions and a welcoming handshake.

Tracing similar cases

Similar initiatives in other states like Victoria and Queensland have seen significant success buoyancy. Even on an international scale, nations like Singapore, Belgium, and Canada are leading trendsetters of global best practices in Multicultural social growth with symmetrical initiatives. The government has chosen a time-tested route along with an avenue for precision inputs through the ideated council. However, critics demanded more ingenuity in the allocations and called for a more deterministic roadmap instead of ambiguous goalposts.

Multiculturalism can be a social boon, especially for a population staring at an economic downturn and creeping environmental catastrophe threatening existential crisis. If the pandemic works are a hint, these communities can be a much-needed support ecosystem for social interdependence. People who grow together hardly grow apart.

Rakhi Malhotra

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