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Selling the Golden Ticket – Why the Ultra-Rich Are Buying Passports Like Never Before

In an age where the ultra-wealthy can afford just about anything, there’s one commodity that’s becoming increasingly valuable: citizenship. While the average person views citizenship as a birthright or a lengthy bureaucratic process, the world’s elite have discovered a fast-track option – citizenship by investment. The question is, why is this trend picking up pace,...Read More

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Australia’s inadequate Refugee system is in the spotlight

Australia is a popular travel destination. Many people call it a paradise. Thus, Australian permanent resident visa is in high demand globally. It is associated with high employment chances, an elavated standard of living, decent quality of life, and infrastructure. Over 500,000 refugees live in Australia, and many have benefited the society. World Refugee Day...Read More

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Australia to open ‘’Backpacker Visa’’ to Indians to work and holiday

On 2nd April 2022, India and Australia signed a Free Trade Agreement after decades of re-negotiations. Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Australia-Indian Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (AI ECTA) would help strengthen the relationship between both counties. He pointed out that the agreement has been on a robust security partnership and the joined...Read More

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New visa rules to welcome international students

For the past two years, travellers have been stuck in limbo due to travel restrictions imposed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. But with campaigns enforcing vaccination and additional measures ensuring public safety and concern, covid positive cases are declining; hence borders are opening up. Among the major countries, Australia has been the one...Read More

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Further delays for skilled migrants waiting for a permanent visa

In response to increasing demands from backpackers, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said that the government would be taking the initiative to welcome them soon. In an official statement, he announced that the government is currently working on strategic pipelines of working holiday-makers, and their visas are being processed faster. Despite the news of the fast-tracking...Read More


14,000 Skilled Graduates Will Be Stuck Overseas Until Next Year

The opening of Australia’s borders indicated good news for many international students and highly skilled workers. But the international borders are currently closed to everyone except for the citizens, permanent residents and immediate families. Consequently, the temporary visa holders who fall under the category of subclass 485 are not able to return to Australia. For...Read More


Graduates Plea for Work Visa Extensions

Australia has locked the door to the outside world for over a year now, earning itself the ‘Hermit Nation’ tag. Across the world, life goes on as usual in most countries. What turned out to be misplaced arrogance on the part of Australian authorities has been the biggest mistake in living memory; namely, Australia was...Read More