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Selling the Golden Ticket – Why the Ultra-Rich Are Buying Passports Like Never Before

In an age where the ultra-wealthy can afford just about anything, there’s one commodity that’s becoming increasingly valuable: citizenship. While the average person views citizenship as a birthright or a lengthy bureaucratic process, the world’s elite have discovered a fast-track option – citizenship by investment. The question is, why is this trend picking up pace,...Read More

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India and Australia signed an agreement for easy immigration pathways for students and professionals

India and Australia have often collaborated and strengthened their ties to facilitate smooth international trade and commerce. However, one of the significant partnerships lies in the agreement they signed during a bilateral meeting in New Delhi earlier this month (March 2, 2023). Besides, the agreement is part of the commitment made by the Prime Ministers...Read More

Australia Covid 19

Australian Government announces the end of mandatory COVID-19 isolation

Australians can now be relieved as the Government has scrapped the five-day mandatory isolation on testing Covid positive. Furthermore, after a cabinet meeting on 30th September, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced that all state and territory Covid-19 isolation rules will end from 14th October. So, each state and territory will execute the isolation rules depending...Read More

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Everything that you need to know about the new Prime Minister of Australia

Anthony Albanese has become the 31st Prime Minister of Australia after the Labor party defeated the ruling coalition led by Scott Morrison in the federal election held last week Saturday(21-05-2022). Besides, the election brought an end to almost a decade of conservative rule, while the Labor Party garnered support from the Australian Greens and teal...Read More


Australian Businesses affected by scammers throughout the Pandemic

The year 2021 witnessed a resurgence in the Covid-19 cases with the outbreak of the second wave of the disease. Consequently, the Australian government imposed and extended the lockdown across all the states, shutting down companies and businesses. The economy suffered a hard blow as people could not travel to workplaces; the government restricted inter-state,...Read More