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Nonsensical Traffic Fines Sucking Drivers Dry

 Nonsensical Traffic Fines Sucking Drivers Dry

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, the nation’s largest grassroots advocacy group representing taxpayers asked the Queensland government to use common sense when enforcing traffic laws.

“A Queensland cop hit Brock Harris with a $173 fine for the egregious crime of drinking bottled water and driving. This kind of nonsensical attack on drivers is simply revenue-raising, not policing.” Says ATA Communications Manager, Emilie Dye. “This officer should consider getting a job at the ATO, where at least he would be openly collecting money for the government.”

“The law used to punish Brock Harris categorizes drinking water and driving as not taking due care and attention while driving. Considering the 39-degree weather in a car without air conditioning, drinking water seems both rational and responsible.

“Australia suffers nearly twice as many road fatalities than the UK, but has some of the strictest driving laws. It is time we let Australian drivers focus on the road instead of worrying about fines from whimsical traffic infractions.

“Not only did this officer fail to use common sense and compassion, he failed to do his job, the job of ensuring the ‘safety and security of the community.’ How many real crimes did he leave by the wayside while he ticketed Brock Harris for drinking water?

“Taxpayers pay the police to protect their communities, not to suck them dry with random fines.”

Joy Sawhney

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