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Made in India Magazine | January 15, 2021

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Sikh Temple Secures $340,000 Funding

Sikh Temple Secures $340,000 Funding

| On 03, Apr 2019

In a positive response to a ‘very-professional’ proposal from the Officer Gurudwara, Siri Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh temple in Melbourne’s Southeast area received a funding of $340,000 for some key facilities inside the Gurudwara.

The funding was announced by Mr Jason Wood, the federal member of Latrobe. Primarily, the funding would be used to develop the kids’ language school, play area, organic farming and rainwater harvesting.

Commenting on this proposal and funding development, Mr Wood expressed his confidence that these projects would promote social cohesion within the society. The community had carried out a petition drive to receive the support to this proposal. The proposal received the support of around 665 petitions.

The Beginning:

The Sikh community has been working dedicatedly to raise some funds from within the community to build ownership of these creative projects. One of the respected community member S. Jatinder Singh Uppal had already donated 170,000 AUD to support these projects. Considering this funding, the Officer Sikh community has around 510,000 AUD to spend on these community-based projects.

While applauding the efforts and interactions of the community at Latrobe, Mr Wood thanked the community and particularly mentioned the community work for Australia Day, Bunyip Fire Relief and Harmony Day, etc. The community has also received the funding from Stronger Communities Program, Pick my Project, Melbourne Water.

The funding was announced in a gathering of noted state officials. The noted dignitaries presented during this announcement was Brad Battin, State MP Gembrook; Mayor Graeme Moore, Cardinia Shire Council; Mayor Amanda Stapledon, Casey Council; Cr Damien Rosario, Casey Council.

The Future Roadmap:

The funding of these community-based projects will prove pivotal to develop social collaboration and communication. This is also an important move from the overall development of the kids within the community. The projects like rainwater harvesting and organic farming within the area will also serve the right message and will encourage more people to be a part of these projects.

Also, projects like play area and the language school will help to promote close peer bonding within the kids. These projects not only aim at maintaining social cohesiveness but also to develop a good rapport within the community members. This is an important step for the neighbourhood to be a part of the noble cause.

Apart from the state funding, the community is itself taking active participation in the fund-raising. As mentioned earlier, with the state funding, the community already has funding of half-a-million to initiate the community projects.

The Need:

Such projects are very much important from the social values, peace and harmony. When a community works towards the betterment of a whole, it always serves the purpose. These projects will raise a bar of social cohesiveness and bring more people under the umbrella of community betterment. From the confidence-building efforts, these projects are very key to the entire society. The whole idea promises and promotes community well-being in a sophisticated and positive manner. This will help in maintaining peace and will open the doors of collaboration within the people.


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