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Australia’s Decade-Long Strategy to Revamp Temporary Migration

Australia’s recent unveiling of a 10-year plan to reform its temporary migration program marks a significant shift in its approach to immigration. The move, anticipated to reshape the nation’s workforce and cultural landscape, highlights the government’s recognition of the crucial role temporary migrants play in Australia’s socio-economic fabric. The new strategy is driven by a...Read More

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Australia and Tamil Nadu Forge Strategic Economic Partnership at GIM 2024

Australia and Tamil Nadu have joined forces in a strategic economic alliance, marking a pivotal moment in the international business landscape. As Australia assumes the role of a key country partner for the Tamil Nadu Global Investor Meet (GIM) 2024, the collaboration promises to reshape the trajectory of economic development in both regions. Unlocking Opportunities...Read More

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The Inaugural SXSW Sydney® Comes to a Close After a  Mind Bending Week of Exploration

The inaugural SXSW Sydney has officially come to close, leaving an impressive mark on the city's cultural landscape. With over 1,100 events including 500+ conference sessions, an extensive music line-up across iconic Sydney venues, over 80 feature films and TV screenings, and the launch of new games and tech, the event brought a wave of creativity, innovation and entertainment to the Harbour City.Read More

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The Mirage of Falling Rates – Why Australian Mortgage Holders May Be Heading for a Financial Drought

In an economic climate riddled with uncertainties, the prospect of falling interest rates offered a glimmer of hope to mortgage holders across Australia. That glimmer, however, may have been a mirage. Recent economic indicators and policy decisions have dashed hopes of declining rates, leaving mortgage holders to navigate a potential financial storm. The dire forecast...Read More

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Weather Whodunnit – Is El Niño Really the Culprit Behind Our SuperDry Summer, or Are We Missing the Bigger Picture?

When it comes to explaining Australia’s climate anomalies, El Niño often takes centre stage. From droughts to bushfires, this weather phenomenon is frequently blamed for our environmental woes. But this year, something strange occurred: we experienced a dry August without the typical conditions associated with El Niño. It’s time to rethink our assumptions and consider...Read More


Charting a Prudent Course: The Imperative to Realign Victoria’s Mounting Debt and Social Priorities

Former Premier of Victoria, Jeff Kennett, has laid down a gauntlet, urging incumbent Premier Daniel Andrews to steer the state away from what he describes as ‘out-of-control’ debt. With the burden of Victoria’s financial obligations rapidly nearing the $200 billion mark, there is an undeniable urgency to scrutinise the trajectory of public expenditure. Yet, in...Read More

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The Waiting Game: Disparities in State-Wide Public Surgery Wait Times in Australia

For Australians awaiting surgery in the public healthcare system, the waiting period can be akin to a game of chance, with the outcome often hinging on your geographical location. Recent data exposes a startling disparity between states, revealing that where you live could significantly impact how long you’ll wait for that crucial operation. While healthcare...Read More


RBA confirms March interest rate rises as households struggle with record mortgage payments

The news of rising interest rates has been making the rounds for the last few months, and the Reserve Bank of Australia has confirmed the same accordingly. As per the recent developments, mortgage holders would need to pay record-high repayments, as the RBA indicated another interest rate rise for March 2023. Moreover, earlier in February,...Read More