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Old Sarum – The Medieval City near Stonehenge

 Old Sarum – The Medieval City near Stonehenge

Archaeologists have known for hundreds of years that there is a buried city underneath the soil of Old Sarum, which is a medieval town located not very far away from the Stonehenge. Until now, there were no means to find out what exactly is hidden beneath the ground. But with the help of newly available technologies, archaeologists are catching their first glimpse of how life used to thrive in the city of Old Sarum.
It is being speculated that the site hides one of the biggest palaces of that era. Kristian Strutt, the experimental officer and director of archaeological prospection services (University of Southampton) said that their survey shows where exactly the individual buildings are located on the site and with this information they can piece together a complete picture of the urban plan within the walls of the city.
The archaeologists have found a set of massive structures in the outer ring of the city and they believe that these structures may have been a part of the city’s defence. The scans also show a large open area (550 feet wide) which is believed to be a part of a royal establishment. Historians have concluded that such a royal establishment could have been constructed by Henry I, during the early 12th century.
Old Sarum is a 5,000 years old township and it is believed that during the Iron Age, a fort was built on this site, which was later occupied by the Romans.

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