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Made in India Magazine | November 25, 2020

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Damien Peters

No other city in Australia knows how to party like Melbourne. And when the White Night comes knocking on the door and half a million people turn up at the CBD, there is no looking back. We give you some of the highlights of the event.

Where were you on the Saturday night of 21st February 2015? This will be a question that will be asked many times in the coming months, because it was a night to remember. White Night 2015 happened in the CBD of Melbourne, and like its 2014 version, it rocked the very foundations of many buildings that litter the banks of the Yarra.
If you did not attend it for whatever reason, here is a quick recap of what happened, and what you can look forward to next year.

This is a lighting sequence that bridged sculpture with film. Luminous plastic bodies invaded and transformed the moat at the National Gallery of Victoria. It was a truly innovative piece of work, and drew large applauses from whoever was present.

Sita’s Garden
Sublime glowing lotus ponds and scenes from bustling Indian cities transformed the Yarra into a ‘Little India’. Bollywood dances took place on a floating stage, and there was room for classical dances like Bharata Natyam as well. Delicious Indian street food was present, and to top it all off, a sun salutation sequence (‘Suryanamaskar’) also was performed in time for the dawning sun.

Nothern Lights, Rabbit Hole and Eat Me
The State Library of Victoria underwent a makeover both on the inside and the outside. On the outer walls, light projections of Alice in Wonderland were cast, while on the inside, the architecture of the library’s dome was converted into a whimsical, abstract dreamscape of gardens and luscious colours.

From a crowd management perspective, too, this year’s version of the White Night was better than the previous years, when people complained of too much jostling and hustling. This time, the way the events were conducted and the constant announcements on the microphone kept footfall flowing throughout. There were no overcrowding or long queues that were the feature of last year.
If you missed it this year, we sure hope you’re ready with your cape to become a White Nighter next year at least!

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