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When Your Parent or Sibling is a Nutcase

 When Your Parent or Sibling is a Nutcase

When your relatives are a bunch of freaks, you can somehow avoid them and then suck it up at Christmas or New Year. But things can go out of hand if one of your parents or siblings is a nutcase, because you just can’t ignore them orparenting-through-divorce worse – talk to them regarding their issues. Because it’s better to simply jump off a cliff than facing such embarrassing and awkward situation!
We spoke to relatives of liars, gamblers, lunatics and those who post embarrassing Facebook/Twitter messages and make fake emergency calls just to see how much they are loved and we found out that no matter how hard you try or pray, you can’t change someone so extreme.
If you too are fighting this everyday ‘World War’ in your house try out these remedies and hope you can establish a ‘Peace Treaty’ before someone drops an H-bomb –

  • Do not psychoanalyse them – It’s not your job to fix them or analyse what’s wrong with them. Your job is to find a way to stay in the relationship.
  • Can you tell them? – It depends on the individual but the chances that it won’t work are relatively high.
  • Set boundaries – The aim of these boundaries is to give you the requisite time and space to change your own behaviour and expectations from the relationship.
  • Formulate a plan – Instead of five phone calls daily, plan a weekly visit to the mall. You need to figure out a plan which is suitable for both of you.

Sumit Panwar

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