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PM Morrison Warns About Creating “Needless Anxiety” In Children Over Climate Change

 PM Morrison Warns About Creating “Needless Anxiety” In Children Over Climate Change

Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, has warned activists against creating what he referred to as “needless anxiety” in children about climate change. He said that Australia is making an active move to meet its emissions target.

However, some high school students in Australia have vowed to continue to fight for a cleaner future, saying that their anxiety over climate change is warranted.

This warning from PM Morrison came after teenage activist Greta Thunberg criticised world leaders over how they’re tackling the issue of climate change. Morrison, in his speech, defended Australia’s efforts to cut down on carbon emissions. He also called for “context and perspective” in the climate change debate.

During a press conference in New York City, Morrison said there is much disinformation going on about what Australia is doing. He said he wants children to grow up in Australia and feel positive about their future.

To achieve this, Morrison said it is vital to give the children the necessary confidence to make them know that they would not only have a beautiful and pristine country to live in, but they will also have a better economy to live in.

During the UN summit, Greta criticised world leaders at the conference in her much-discussed address. Though PM Morrison did not attend. Greta’s criticism prompted him to respond in favour of Australia.

In her impassioned address, Greta said the world is on the verge of mass extinction, and all that the world leaders are talking about is money and tales of eternal economic growth.

When asked of his opinion about Greta’s speech, PM Morrison said it is necessary to ensure that children understood the facts, and also have the “context and perspective” so that needless anxiety is not created among children, especially when talking about and dealing with the climate change issues.

PM Morrison spoke more. He said he likes to ensure that his kids, Lily and Abbey, were given the right context and perspective about climate change while giving them the chance to come to their own views. He said he discussed with his children about fossil fuels and about what they learned at school. He added that he gave them many contexts and always encouraged them to have an independent and passionate view about how they perceive the world.

He said he doesn’t want his kids to be bent to a particular type of view instead he wants them to make up their mind. According to him, the worst thing he would impose on any child is “needless anxiety.”

Even in the face of climate change, Morrison said he would somewhat reassure his children and not give them needless anxiety because children already have lots of things to be anxious about.

Greta, however, has helped to trigger a youth movement on climate change, with school children across Australia and other parts of the world taking part in mass strikes recently.

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