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Polish Your Make-Out Skills – Get a Kissing Pillow!

 Polish Your Make-Out Skills – Get a Kissing Pillow!

Would you like it if your pillow actually had a mouth so that Depositphotos_9615494_originalyou can perfect your kissing technique before you go out on a real date? No matter how bizarre the idea sounds, kissing pillows are actually becoming quite popular. The 26 years old Florida based designer of the pillow Emily King, describes these make-out pillows as normal pillows except for the fact that they come with a plastic nose and a set of lips. You can even check out her DIY videos to make your own Kissing Pillows at home.
Emily admits that when she mentioned the idea to her friends they found it really weird. She says, “They are super creepy, but I sort of love them for that.” Teenagers are finding these pillows rather helpful since most of them do not really have access to real lips in order to hone their make-out skills. If you want, get one for yourself but gifting a kissing pillow to your girlfriend/boyfriend can be a horrible idea.

Sumit Panwar

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