Pre-Makeup Routine for Dry or Sensitive Skin

 Pre-Makeup Routine for Dry or Sensitive Skin

We all want our makeup to look absolutely flawless. But unfortunately, our favourite Instagram filters do not come in tubes as of yet! No matter what problem you are dealing with – uneven skin tone, dry patches or flaky coverage, the root cause is always the poor condition of your skin. Especially, those who have dry or sensitive skin, face these problems more frequently.
What kind of makeup flaw you have depends on what kind of skin irregularities you are facing at the moment. For example, if your skin is dry and dehydrated, it’ll absorb moisture off your makeup, making it look faded or patchy. Your makeup will not last longer and the amount of coverage will get reduced after a few hours. If you have sensitive skin, putting on makeup can cause redness, which is really difficult to hide, no matter how much concealer you use over it. Plus, excessive makeup on sensitive skin can cause irritation and itchiness, which can lead to further more serious skin problems.
How You Can Fix This
There are several short term and long solutions for this problem. To reduce redness, try using a concealer with green tint, it’ll neutralise the unevenness. Use primers before putting anything else on your face. Primers prepare your skin for makeup by hydrating it completely and by making it smoother. Switch to hypoallergenic or mineral based cosmetics and invest in a good quality moisturiser. Pick only those makeup products which are best suited for your skin type.

Himanshu Yadav

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