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‘Just when people were beginning to ask just why roller coasters need to exist, along comes a new one calling itself The Skyscraper, 570 feet tall. Scary!’
Roller coasters have always confused us. It just does not make sense as to why someone would run the risk of dying of fright (yes, you do run that risk every time you hop onto a seat in a roller coaster) in these times of high stress and restlessness. However, we understand that not everyone’s a sissy, so for those of you bravehearts who take to roller coasters bees to honey, here’s a frightening – er, make that ‘exciting’ – thought.
How about a roller coaster that is as tall as a skyscraper? That way, you can indulge in both your fear of falling and your fear of heights. Delicious, isn’t it? Simply irresistible.
Just so that we don’t miss the point, they’re naming the rollercoaster ‘The Skyscraper’. This will be unveiled in 2017 and will tower over 570 feet above Orlando’s International Drive. Work will begin on the construction next year. The Skyscraper will be much taller than the current record holder for the tallest roller coaster in the world today: New Jersey’s Kingda Ka, which stands at 456 feet. The Skyscraper will be at least 20% taller than that, setting a new bar for aspiring roller coasters worldwide.
It will all have inside and outside loops, dives, spirals and inversions – which are things any self-respecting roller coaster should have, apparently. People seated in the skyscraper will be moving at speeds up to 65 miles per hour. Yes, we’re not allowed to hit those speeds on our roads, but when a roller coaster does it, it’s all okay. Talk about double standards.
Just two more years before you can ride this bad boy. We bet you can’t wait.

abhilash david

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