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Salman Khan 2002 Hit-and-run verdict

 Salman Khan 2002 Hit-and-run verdict

After a long trial spanning over 13 years, Mumbai sessions court finally came up with a verdict on the infamous Salman Khan hit-and-run case in 2002. The Bollywood superstar has been handed a jail term of 5 years for drunken driving and running over pedestrians who were sleeping on a footpath. After the verdict, Salman Khan appeared in a somber mood as he returned home. Hundreds of fans gathered in front of his residence as the actor arrived from the court after hearing the verdict and getting an interim bail which will be valid till Friday. As of now, the high court has not imposed any restrictions on Salman Khan as his appeal had already been filed. Salman Khan’s sister Alvira Khan Agnihotri was also seen at the court.
Online community reached out in support of the actor condemning the verdict and claiming it to be too harsh for someone who has been actively involved in social work. Salman Khan’s NGO, Being Human, has sponsored full cost of heart treatments for almost 600 children and the actor is known in the Bollywood industry for helping out other struggling actors. The interim bail of 48 hours offered to the superstar comes with certain technical terms and the merits of the bail will be discussed on Friday.
Outside the court, Salman Khan acknowledged the presence of lawyers and fans after the verdict. The actor seemed a bit relieved after receiving interim bail plea and seeing the solidarity shown by his fans who were holding posters and wearing black bands as a sign of support and protest against the verdict.
Mohd Kalim, one of the victims of the hit-and-run case seemed contented and satisfied with the verdict handed out by Mumbai sessions court, but felt that the families of the victims should have been compensated. Senior Lawyer Harish Salve will be arguing for the superstar once the interim bail term ends on Friday. The actor spoke to the lawyer for around 10 minutes when the latter was already present in the court in a tax dispute case of Vodafone.

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