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Made in India Magazine | October 21, 2021

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Special Indian Cooking Tips: 4 Chaat Recipes You Can Make At Home During Lockdown

Special Indian Cooking Tips: 4 Chaat Recipes You Can Make At Home During Lockdown

| On 18, Aug 2021

It’s no secret Indians love Chaats. If you love Chaat yourself, Indian chaats offer you limitless options to satisfy your taste buds. There are crispy aloo tikkis and chatpate gol gappe or even spongy dahi bhallas. The options are so many that you can enjoy a different chaat every other day. Although chaats are tasty, many of us have concerns about safety and hygiene, which is understandable. But what if you could make your own chaats at home? You would love that, wouldn’t you? Here are some tips to prepare homemade chaats in the comfort of your home with just a recipe.

Cranberry Chana Chaat with Mango

This Chaat is best enjoyed during the summer seasons, and mango is the fruit of choice. Unleash the power and flavour of mangoes when preparing your cranberry chaat with a mixture of tamarind, mint and other spicy ingredients.

Paneer Chaat with Chili

You can enjoy a full plate of paneer tossed in lemon, Chaat Masala, cumin, mint, and coriander. If you top it with chutney, you will get a perfect balance of a tangy and sweet flavour.

Jalebi Chaat

The Jalebi Chaat recipe is very easy to prepare with water, urad chili peethi, and thick batter. These ingredients are deep-fried in hot oil then marinated with spices– chaat masala, tamarind, and mint. You may also choose to garnish it with chana microgreens and mixture, sweet and curd, and any other spice you like. Jalebi chaat is delicious and will serve as an excellent recipe for your next party or get-together.

Palak Patta and Paan Chaat

Palak Patta is nothing new, but there is a twist to it. Do you know that you can use paan leaves with spices to improve the taste? This is a tasty snack you can add to your menu, and your children and guests will love you for it.

The Chaat recipes in this article are straightforward to prepare and will not take much of your time. Moreover, the ingredients required to prepare them are affordable and easily accessible. Therefore, you should consider adding a few of them to your menu list. They are great for home meals and party events. And what’s more? They can be eaten at any time of day because they are easily digestible.

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